Wait Til U Crack

from by Tantrum

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I roll with folks that go for the throat til the end
known for roastin ur soul only to be prone to get fed
they got dope flows but u just won't throw em the cred
call it so-so just cuz it goes over your head
like it's our fault ur accustomed to diggin the wackness
tellin me to switch up my swag and do industry hat tricks
but i rather be different than average
what u think is original rap is really a gimmicky tactic, stupid
u pick to continue in ignorant fashion
dig it, my spits is ridiculous, the kid is a savage
homie i seen ur idol that u fathom as perfect...
yea he seems like the type that wouldn't last in my circuit
he's just - spittin the same ole simple and plain stuff
just so u kids can relate, he lyrically ain't much
and u want me to switch to that typical lame junk?
no dummy how bout YOU step YO listening game up, because

This isn't your everyday empty selection, i was bred to never settle for so-so
if ya...feelin ready for that next level method of execution instead lemmie know-know
listen...u need to stop playin dumb for a second
it's a matter of time 'fore ur adjustin ur preference
quit - tryna pass it as a fad, u trippin
wait til u crack - and get trapped - in the mass addiction

My delivery can puncture a lung
mimicking just for the fun's troublesome, bustin this will rupture muscles under your tongue
bars got u utterly stunned
struggling just from stomaching much of how it's structured and done
so this is how should think, now this is a vicious scheme
this is how you distinguish the wittiest from the weak
claimin u know rap, u oblivious to the scene
never found what the description of lyricism to mean
cuz u keep missin all the significance in our speech
since ur only interested in listenin to the beat
tryna paint ur own picture, ur vision is incomplete
can't even see the difference between victory and defeat
it's time that we discarded your miseducation
learn quick or be hit harder with rich devastation
it'll be a big part of your quick revelation
sit back and we'll get started with this demonstration, less go


You think this is fiction? u'll be gettin a great lesson
my syllable game's killing it, listen and pay attention
you a rat tryna step in the ring with a snake
this is your biggest mistake, u gonn be missin your face bredren
feelin the venom and rage injectin up into your veins, destined
for unlimited physical pain, check it
u looked in my eyes now u've just been enslaved, next
u'll be stuck inside a dimension of mentally strained senses
feel the wrath of eternity rippin your frame segments
thru infinite days compressed to fit into 8 seconds
tryna break thru the riddling maze, stressin, but silly u aint gettin
thru these bars with those prison escape methods...
now you stranded, you can't evade every line
u've just been trapped in a cage of my scatterbrainy design
even if u happen to break out after takin the time
it's too late, i've already captivated your mind, like



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Remshot
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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