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Everyone make way for Mr. king of his own dimension
earned his first stripe now he's thinkin his throne is destined
u swearin up and down no other favorite exists
who needs a crown when your head is too deflated to fit?
i hear it all in the cockiness when ur droppin ur bars
but i understand, everybody and their moms is a star...
thing is when people say they untouchable at their gift
usually they got some talent or something to back it with
see, we all start off with a crisp clean image
u spit frees but don't even got a sick scheme with it
i swear, u give these newjacks their fifteen minutes
and they feel like they rule the lane with the quick speed limit
all of a sudden u changin the game with ur raw vibe
but to everybody else u the same as the small fries
just another faker portrayin a god
claimin he's greatest of all time, while makin it all rhyme

Step off, u just wishin every person that u meet
gives u the royal treatment and has u worhsipped at your feet
slow ya role a minute, or be the phony gimmick
who gets roasted quickest for not knowin your limits
so get a grip, u hope we buy ur little phacade
cuz ur too busy being convinced that ur god
but see homie it is not conceivable, every loss repeated u'll
hit the wall then u'll fall cuz nobody's unbeatable

It's Mr. roll the red carpet when he pass thru the buildin
let the champ thru and plus his whole damn crew is with him
they spazz and clap to every mediocre rap dude is spittin
whether its crack or wack fools be trippin
it's their brand new addiction...
whoo! how do u think of this crap? no wonder u got them tramps u be pimpin
braggin bout the stacks of cash u be gettin
who cares if it runs dry dogg, ur swag juice is drippin
whoa! homie please nobody buys it a bit
if u aint even gettin respect outside of ur clik
what, everyone's a hater? that ain't provin that ur too hard
that just means your crew is as delusional as u are
but u write me off as a skeptic becuz it hurts
won't accept it since u such a professional with ur words
sayin u spittin fire in every single verse
keep gassin yourself, u'll be more susceptible to get burned


U a measly prick, reachin my peak aint a feasible trip
ur cheesy, i've seen thru ur speech like i'm readin your lips
defeating your fleet is as easy as this
peace, u will cease to exist, jesus did u see what i did?
i spent the last 4 bars rappin circles around your life
i murked u and now u got no purpose around a mic
and aint nobody payin me to maim and eat your flesh
i'm takin ur throne and i ain't never claimed to be the best
i'm only schoolin u to make u suckas learn ya lesson
for thinkin ur stuff is perfect like it's nothing worth contestin
now turn around to your little trusty herd of yes-men
and tell em ur sorry for stealing their undeserved attention
how bout u ditch the biased opinions to get ur wins...
thinkin like everything that u kick is a hidden gem
see if standing on ur own gets u victory in the end
i know it's lonely but aye, humility is ur friend



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Chase Moore
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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