Time Is Now Feat. Nanaushika

from by Tantrum

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So when the homies are lost, feelin like their train is derailed
i tell em just keep fightin to get thru the phases of hell
although that situation's what i relate to as well
maybe it's - what my sub-concious wants to say to myself
it's one thing to tell em stand up for all that you know is right
it's another thing to actually follow your own advice
to walk on the road of life when it's gotten as cold as ice
and say ur not gonna fold, then just offer to roll the dice...
tryin hard not to back down or crack under pressure
there's no use in complaining if u don't act for the better
had to learn to cut my losses, takin radical measures
and use em as opportunities, turn trash into treasure
cuz u can either get demolished for droppin your guard
or u can conquer the waters when you get tossed to the sharks
see nobody ever said it'd be a walk in the park
sometimes aimin for the stars is like a shot in the dark

Chorus (Nanaushika):
It's not always easy when your head's in the clouds
stay focused keep your ear to the ground
you have everything you need for where you wanna be
when the tables turn, play it loud cuz the time is now

I'm not some legend claimin to be the best on the planet
i'm just a regular, workin hard for every advantage
tryna get to the level of that professional talent
but i've yet to step on the pedastal of celebrity status...
see i don't got a buncha groupies joined in my corner
just some homies that happen to be my loyal supporters
they fathom the kid's a savage
the fact is my biggest fans just happen to be the pack that i actually interact with...
the rest just come and go, hastily departed
they'll never wait to leave soon as you taste defeat and hardship
but i wouldn't want them snakes to make my team to start with
i'm just grateful to the few that keep their faith in me regardless...
throughout the span of when catastrophe strikes
i don't always win but that's just how it pans out in life
behind the rappin persona, see i'm just a man on the mic
who's just like u, with my own personal battles to fight


Now if u've ever lost the fight to the field of doubt ur stuck in
or if u've ever been told u wouldn't amount to nothin
even if u've lost someone close, to the reaper's boundless clutches
feelin like life is tryna take everything out u cousin
if u've had so much to prove u just couldn't stand to be idle
havin to wait to snatch the things to which your hand is entitled
til u've had it with the planet makin u naturally spiteful
wantin to lash out with the havoc that u been trapping inside u
just breathe, there's a lesson and a task to be chosen
things happen for reasons u won't understand at the moment
things that pass through the grasp of what we have our control in
it's up to u to withstand it and adapt to the motions
never let a setback keep u from rising above
u gotta - just keep believin that ur time's gonna come
see the journey matters more than the destination itself
so u can't expect to make it if u ever stray from ur trail


The time is now (time is now)
get your head out the clouds cuz (time is now)
it's not always easy when your head's in the clouds (stay focused)
stay focused keep your ear to the ground (you have everything)
you have everything you need (yes you do)
for where you wanna be (for where you wanna be)
when the tables turn (when the tables turn)
play it loud (play it loud)
cuz the time is now (cuz the time is now)


from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Remshot & Brod Rob
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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