Take A Lap

from by Tantrum

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(Keys and guitar by Brod Rob)


Guess who? it's the monster unlocked for conquering your land
back to watch all my competition get properly disbanned
and no i am not returning by popular demand
i just smashed my writers block to bits and stomped it into sand
'less u choose to be heartless u'll be losin regardless
becuz i aim for success and i'm known for shootin my targets
if you a fool or a novice, then ur doomed as a hostage
yea the truth hurts, but that's becuz i'm brutally honest, check it...
target me, u'll be easiest prey
u steppin to a starving beast breakin free from his cage
see i'm known to harness heat, leave your team in a blaze
and homie when u sparkin beef u just feeding the flames
u gassed up and i don't think tryin to light the match is clever
i'll burn your life to ashes with my hyperactive temper
ignite u fast even if u ironclad ur sweater
when i rap circles around u breathing fire at the center

(I'M AN EMCEE) who's been made a dent in the game
(IT'S GETTIN DEADLY) i drop bombs to level the plain
(SO DON'T FORGET ME) when i'm at the end of my reign
u best believe that i'll be takin with me everythang
(CUZ I'M AN EMCEE) who's been made a dent in the game
(IT'S GETTIN DEADLY) i drop bombs to level the plain
(SO DON'T FORGET ME) if u don't remember my name
well then u better jog thru memory lane
now take a lap

If u can't stand the heat you gettin blown away and burned
every throne i claim, i hold my weight, the chosen fate is earned
i made a pact with my soul to overtake the earth
and i'm passed the point of trying to negotiate the terms
so if u plan to quit i suggest that u start now
cuz there aint no courage pumped in ur vessels or heart valve
better get at the searge who left you in charge pal
or u gettin shredded in shards for lettin ur guard down...
u think you actually standin a chance, prove it
i can read through your tactical stance from your last movements
tryna start your plan of attack with your platoon when
it's practice you lack, that's an impractical act stupid
yes it IS personal, i'm hurtin your pride
aint no turning from this curse i'm not the merciful type
now your failures have been keeping you from earning your stripes
u call it unfair, i just call it circle of life


So keep talkin the talk and i'll have u chopped at the noggin
now how bout droppin all ur thoughts when it's off with ur head
think being awfully cocky puts u on top of the spot
until u get bodied u'll be lost and forgotten instead
try hidin behind every guy that u find
enjoy the time of ur life, cuz if u cross me ur already dead
ur likely to die, thinkin it's eye for an eye
reach for my slice of the pie, it'll cost you an arm and a leg
i know u stoked that i'm a sav on the mic
yea i know it's flattering right but stop actin surprised
u lookin like u ain't never seen me massacre lives
star struck like you never seen an asterisk rise
cmon dogg, u must've forgotten who u was talkin to
caught in a brutal hot pursuit, stompin ur crew to molecules
lock the room, it's hot when i'm rockin the booth like monsters do
walkin right thru my obstacles, stoppin this dudes impossible



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Remshot
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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