Ruckus Feat. Okwerdz

from by Tantrum

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Featuring Okwerdz


I bet u didn't think that i'd make it and try to stay
since u made up ur mind and never gave me the time of day
u expected me to up and start foldin becuz i'm losin
but slowly i was improvin, they told me i couldn't do it
i let em spend enough time, pushin my buttons
but see, now the gloves are off and i ain't pullin no punches
i often fought to prevail, see i was taught to excel
go kamikaze as hell, it's not an option to fail
so keep ur pathetic effort to stop me in my grind
tryna tell me that my peak is too impossible to climb
now watch how i be hoppin thru these obstacles of mine
have u chokin on ur words til ur oxygen deprived
been tearin thru the earth, thru the cold and the rain
it's prepared me for the worst, i been notably trained
keep disparaging my worth, i'ma show you the pain
and u'll get buried in the dirt that you throw on my name, it goes

BLAOW...i'ma just get up and get DOWN...
if you don't come for blood then quit NOW...
better keep ya guard up, don't act proud with me mister
one round i'ma hit ya, like
BLAOW...i'ma just get up and get DOWN...
if you don't come for blood then quit NOW...
we'll never fold til we plummet
cuz no matter what we gonn bring the ruckus...huh, it goes

BLAOW...I've ascended from the depths
of the bottom through the problems now i'm mentioned with the best
but i still hear the hate that they said under they breath
cuz they jealous i'm a legend and they threatened by success
if your music's incredible and movin ahead of dudes
they'll use any flimsy excuse to discredit you
but all it's doin is boostin my revenue
cuz on the first, rent is due on my testicles
so pay up or i'ma annihilate ya
it's part of survival nature to stay on my grind for paper
cuz if you work hard, no one'll deny your labor
and nothing's quite as great as changin the mind of haters
if you put the same time you spend bein disrespectful
into your schedule, you might be successful
and even though the hatred is undeserved
i appreciate the concern but when are they gonna learn? it goes


So when the young cats ask how a champ survives in the makin
i tell em that every challenge is half the price of the payment
but don't let em snatch your pride or your appetite and your cravings
cuz critics don't realize all the sacrifices ur makin
they always gonna judge u with a merciless verdict
so whatever grind your on, just make sure that it's worth it
cuz u will be overlooked, u will be critically slept on
but the trick's to stay vicious, ambitious, and head strong
it's sink or swim, they'll be dyin to make u drown
they'll blind u with hatred while they tryin to break u down
cuz they just aint the type to be nice and just play around
that's why u gotta be psyched and stay fightin to take the crown
so get brolic and pop out the monster that's locked in the cage
its ur chapter - patnah, start knockin em offa the page
and show em ur not gonna stop, ur on top of your game
flip em off, put a sock in their sockets and call it a day



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Chase Moore
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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