Picture Perfect

from by Tantrum

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Dear bandwagon haters, getting pressure from your peers
to form your opinions by believing everything you hear
mourning the king of pop, screamin "Mike's a legend"
u the same fools who accused him of child molestin
homie please, u grievin cuz u copy what u see
but it's just the other day when u were calling him a freak
til u saw him in a coffin now u sobbin from ur cheeks?
there's no need for being sorry when u followin the sheep
can't make ur own mind up, too impressionable
but even if, would you stand by your sentiments? no
your too busy judgin the character of everyone's soul
that u don't even recognize the lack of strength in your own...
we all entitled to any opinion that we got
so only a punk would switch it just to fit in with the flock
u diss things just to be pop culture defined
try setting your own trend, it's called growing a spine

WHAT NOW, your views, we don't find em clever
WHAT NOW, you fail at what you strive to measure
WHAT NOW, nobody even likes you better
see the truth is catchin up, you can't hide forever
face facts, what you lack is the gift of purpose
i'm deeming your existence worthless...
take a look at the mirror when we flip the curtains
ur reflection isn't picture perfect...WHAT

Dear so-called fans, tryna persecute your idols
wait your not fans, ur not even deserving of the title
u self proclaim urself an enthusiast to the art
gettin served entertainment and it's usually free of charge
and you respond by heckling with pestering hate
not even a "yo much props", "respect" or a "thanks"
just the occasional "your awful, you suck kid"
"now stop it you must quit", and have the nerve to call it constructive
how bout u choose a life path other than the safest route
basing ur purpose on finding something to complain about
it's not that i'm not humble so stop grumblin
i know who my real supporters are and your not one of em
think we don't respect u? that's absolutely the truth
that's until u learn to start showin gratitude when it's due
then you can call yourself some actual loyal fans of ours
'stead of the ungrateful pack of the spoiled brats you are


To whom it may concern, anons, usernames, and hard knocks
those we can't tell if your a human or a smart bot...
no one would know it if u passed away tonight
without your youtube hate comments to validate your life
cuz on the net is where u feelin brave enough to idolize
log off, it's back to being faceless til the time u die...
it drives you crazy cuz u hate it and you cry inside
u'll never amount to more than the alias you hide behind
keep flaming, your message board's your gimmick
u'll never have a rep outside of every forum you visit
never be part of the scene that we built and we tailored
u'll live ur life thru ur avatar picture in failure
there's more that i can say to embarass you nerds fast
but that's way too much attention to spare and your worth jack
i coulda used this song to bury you dirtbags
but you only get a verse and you barely deserved that



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Chase Moore
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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