Not So Different

from by Tantrum

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If ur destined to make it, ur expected to pay a lotta dues
success has became my obsession of late, i gotta move
a second i'll take to connect with the face i'm talkin to
the rest of the day i'll be kept in a state of solitude...
steady writin like it's business at work
i just wanna be left alone until i finish the verse
while fightin with writers block so much it gets on my nerves
being a nit picker since birth is a gift and a curse...
it's gettin hard to just remain humble as a person
when your road to success got all these bumps up on the surface...
every lane is under reconstruction when your mergin
i find myself stumbling and wonderin if it's worth it
but one of the reasons i won't quit til it's over
there's too much to prove to the cynics who're quick to oppose ya
it's more than dirt they kick on your soul and
when ur bitter and cold, u can't just simply brush a chip off your shoulder

But they tell me, life is full of oppositions
every challenge that u face is really not so different
u cannot touch the top til u cross your limits
can't just talk all the talk, gotta walk and live it
the mission's set, and my mind is in a different frame
i been obssessed...close to being driven insane
i guess destiny is speakin so i'm heeding to its call...
keepin the belief that there's a reason for it all
cuz i have tah...that's how it is...

I've met too many folks that take your kindness for a weakness
expectin you to respond with silence to the treatment
that's why i've kept my level of trust debated
and the only exception is if we blood related
i'm so caught up with - cutting ties i'm failing to manage
some of my true connections that i end up takin for granted
yea i know i haven't been there as a homie for sure
and i'm not the same person from when u've known me before
when we kick it they say it's different, i'm distant in fact
my reclusive behavior's gettin me feelin dettached
it's like every old acquaintance that i've linked in the past
is just another friendship that happens to slip in the cracks
i'm on my own journey of being second to none
it split our life's paths, now we on a separate run
so i hope that you forgive me in the end when it's done
for turning into the person i said i'd never become


I ain't here to prove i'm godly at best, i just been wantin to vent
a lotta thoughts to get up offa my chest
with listeners wantin to hear what i got to express
figured an album was the way for me to conquer the quest
i started this whole process outta bottlin stress
a battle gone wrong and now these fools cannot be content
all they wanna do is focus on the losses u get
as if that's all you accomplished and they've forgotten the rest
it's like after all the work u put into your craft of passion
the only credit you're given's affixed to an average standin
critics have lost their wits and they thinkin this man's a has-been
i'll be damned if i quit and just give em the satisfaction...(naw)
the revolution is on
by now i've already set the moves in pursuit and the conclusion is drawn
if u do believe in me, u prolly knew all along
but if u don't, well it's up to time to prove that you're wrong


...and i don't really got a choice about it


from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by D-Rec
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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