Most Admired

from by Tantrum

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So u copped massive followers, got flash photographers
life is on blast and broadcast to auditors
but u aint always have the top cat moniker
u recall back when u were not that popular
before they knew that u were half as gifted
but u put in work, now you Mr. rags to riches
copped some colorful sneakers, and ur caps is fitted
all of a sudden fans are diggin the rappin image
u figure since u buzzin they must be lovin the goods
brizzles comin up to u, huggin as much as they could
now u braggin bout ur crush, thinkin honey is hooked
in that case you probably are as dumb as you look
cmon son, the status u have is a big factor
ain't matterin if you a wack or a sick rapper
how bout u cash in ur chips, pack up and quit
drop the glamour and glitz, and see the reaction u get after

Fresh to death, you the most admired...
yea she be starin when you coastin by her
wait, ur notoriety is overdried up
ur plans hit the fan now she's ghost, goodbye
u been plaaayed now u look stupid as a rock
big naaame? where is the proof you been forgotten
things chaaange when everyone's shootin for ya spot
and ur no longer known as the new kid on the block

You do what it takes to get yo crown, even the vets know now
it's less than clever to test yo style
but u shouldn't let it get to your head tho pal
cuz ur only the best known til ur rep goes down
that's when u see ur own buzz peak at its limit
and every beezie that was feelin u is treatin u different
they just turn their backs, leavin with a piece of you with em
but the reason ain't deceivin, u were seen as a gimmick
what u think u would always be at the top of the totem
just cuz u won the popular vote for what's hot at the moment
naw, groupies only dig u for the image that u built
if u really don't get it u an idiot forreal
u swear that they offer you their hearts in a bag
as if they wasn't just drawn to u by ur marketing craft
if they really liked u for who u are then it's fact
they woulda been jockin way before you started to rap, and thats that


So don't take me for a newbie to the foolish intent
one thing i've learned is not to get duped or misled
there's a difference between gettin love from groupies u mess with
and earning real stripes and being truly respected
u musta heard about me thru piles of testimonies
now i'm supposed to think u some kinda special homie?
before i rhymed i was just grindin extra low key
and back then you wasn't tryna get to know me
i been through my slumps, u never picked me up from it
u just disappeared when you saw my little buzz plummet
it's cool i ain't sufferin cuz trust me i don't love ya
so don't think u playin me like just another sucka
this is my cynical way, it isn't hate energy
i don't mean to seem like i dissed u to make enemies
i just dont trust u, simple and plain, let it be
ur no use, u bout as real as a fake friend to me



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Remshot
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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