Lost Cause

from by Tantrum

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What u want a piece? come and get it u better ATTACK NOW
be ready to SNAP PAL, i'm never gonn BACK DOWN (DOWN)
is that all that u got?
u the face of disgrace, get demolished and tossed
if u really want a piece? come and get it u better ATTACK NOW
be ready to SNAP PAL, i'm never gonn BACK DOWN (DOWN)
ur all talk so quit it
ur a lost (lost) cause (cause) now stop, ur finished

Yo i lack interest in sayin bye to our past differences
silence your trap this ain't the time u can act innocent...
forget findin a title to snatch, gimmie the
whiniest rap critics, i'll line em up and finish em...
u think for me to have the nerve i must be ludicrous
certainly that's due to you not learning from your stupidness
til now u never satisfied the request
so wake the hell up, this is the last reminder u get
now stop doubtin and tryin to talk down on my triumphs
that's the best way to get caught up and knocked out to retirement
not wise, provokin the top dog is just like
puttin rottweilers inside of a hostile environment
just for standing in my path, ur tagged as a victim
u don't like it? shut ur mouth, i never asked ur opinion
i'm only concerned to murk it and verbally serve a murder spree
cuz it ain't worth a turn if the verse isn't worded perfectly, so


U say u laughin becuz u happy, i'm rappin becuz i'm angry
u NEVER been in my shoes so don't act like u understand me
just for doubting me, i'll have u paying the price
but u'd be gettin off easy if u gave me ur life
cuz whether hater or fake fan or something between
it doesn't matter, all ur lives are worth nothin to me
if you're wonderin what's the point of this, u never been smart
it's only proof that ur negligence had u kept in the dark
this is for being ungrateful for my every task
this is for all that i invested, yea your welcome for that
this is for side switchin cuz your weak and pitiful at best
this is for never even believing in me from the get
feelin foolish, well u'd be obvlious not to
ur dignity's lost, this is what your ignorance cost you
ur all gonna fall for your sponsor of mockery
now i got u on the choppin block, u not gonn be stoppin me, so


Yo this ain't about malice i'm havin that gets my teeth grindin
this is me lashin out at u becuz i feel like it
and don't think it won't extend to ur crew
whoever's dumb enough to side wit u is gettin it too
what, u think i care about being the boss around workers?
i'll come down to ur level just to stomp u down further
it's my year, the world's what i'm targeting next
and u'd be stayin out the way if u were smart in the head
if i'm cuttin corners, it's cuz i'm severing u in half
plus everything in my path, u better just do the math
to anyone who won't accept me gettin my props
i'll crush ur point of view and shatter that perspective u got
every opposition u see and philosophy you believe in
u don't even deserve that oxygen that you breathin
competition is feedin the monster within a demon
who's choppin u into pieces, i'm not gonna be defeated, now what



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Chase Moore
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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