Lights Out

from by Tantrum

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Yea it's tantrum on the mic, spittin heat and destruction
this aint a debut stupid, it's a reintroduction
the fact is i have to remind you cats when a bash ya
wit a flying dragon kick after the rising asterisk chapter
fools mistake whats in my brain for the great power of God
enough hatred to be takin my rage out on ya block
i been makin firestorms rain down on the spot
lotta folks don't even know this the eighth album i dropped (real talk)
only now i got no posse to depend upon
walkin up an echelon, confident my head is strong
only Rem is in my corner, gettin to complete the vibe
messin with the beats, flippin records in his weekly grind
fixin trebles, tweakin mixing levels til they equalize
tossin me another instrumental when it's feedin time...
what u aint known? i've kept the battle scene poppin
if u say u never heard of me, well thats the sleep talkin

U ain't seen the moves i'm makin you been hallucinatin
well here's a rude awakening right now...
u act like i aint doin the work
like i aint been stepped inside the ring while provin my worth in a rhyme bout...
seems that every cat's a critic with all this flack you givin
i guess i have to get ya to pipe down...
don't make me repeat the free speech from my mouth
keep sleepin, try and doubt, sweet dreams it's lights out

And if u really managed to forget about my rep
start referring to my resume and check it out in depth
there's grind time, scribble jam, tourettes without regrets
and that's just to name a few, i'ma let you count the rest
if they don't sound familiar, go google or youtube it
stop choosin to be truly confused and just too stupid
to learn, u indifferent to history in the makin
oblivious to the game when each victory is a statement
it's like your mind is blocking out lyricism and cadence
with nothing else but a listener's ignorance to replace it...
u keep your ear to the streets?
u wouldn't even be hearin the beat if it was at the rear of your seat
you better try and get awake and quit the snoozin on the goods
cuz i'm the kid that's makin hits to move you like they should
it's like your little brain is just refusin what it could
so it's time to give your face a quick reunion with my foot, like


Yea it's tantrum on the mic, here to massacre your life
i'm a savage when i strike, try to battle me goodnight
fools have slept upon my efforts when i'm comin the cleanest
so i guess u don't remember who the cousin of sleep is
cuz ur still neglectin to give respect to a vet
so i'm takin my due credit like i'm collectin your rent
but i'm the type of landlord who'd leave you bodied for crossin me
and homie i own the stage now get offa my property
keep tryna get a pass, take me lightly as a fad
keep turning your back, thinkin that it won't bite you in the ass
go lessen your attention, forgettin i got bars
then i'll wreck ur little sessions while catchin u off guard
cuz when ur closin your eyes your blind to the premonitions
last time i told u to rise and shine and u didn't listen
so when you finally wake up from the clash of my thunder
i'll be the first thing you see to put you back in your slumber, it's lights out



from Backlash, track released July 30, 2011
Produced by Remshot & Brod Rob
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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