Life That I Chose Feat. Pariah

from by Tantrum



Featuring Pariah


Late to work again my manager stressin
got my lady gettin mad from the lack of attention
passion obssesion whats the difference i cant awnser the question
capture the essence of an mc when i rap in the session
if i dont the end result will be manik depression
panik attack i need to write just to balance the tension
protect my investment the sacrifices made are necessary
Music comes first everything else is secondary
Late night no sleep gotta finish the verse
Time is money gotta prove what my my existence is worth
Ignoring reality I'm in the studio gone
If you don't have the same problems then you doin it wrong

Survival of the fittest so there's only room for the strong
won't accept any musical flaws that ruin the song
tryna make the perfect hit that makes u move and respond
so when it drops, your city feel it like a nuclear bomb...(BOOM)
silent button's what i'm hitting on the phone
so i don't gotta hear it ringin when i'm getting in the zone
i got a buncha concepts i'm jotting in a jiffy
i'm not in the mood to talk so don't bother me i'm busy
figuring out a tactic and it has to be tite
til every pattern that i'm rappin on the track is precise
til i package the anger and spite and i channel it right
this ain't a work day, it's how i spend my saturday nights

Cuz makin moves is my mission, and i'm used to the feelin
i'm abusin the booth just to soothe the addiction
(and improve my conditions, irrefutably driven
in a world controlled by lies i stay true to the rhythm)
don't have time on my side (either i strike or i fold)
i pay the price for this grind (that's the life that i chose)
(i won't stop or lose), see i cannot refuse
that it's just something that i gotsta do

These distractions'll drive you insane, i won't deny it, it's brain draining
no i dont wanna go out, i need silence and maintaining
not tryin to hate, i'm just finding my safe haven
i'm grindin okay, i got no time for a vacation...
friends are blamin how crazy my schedule's gotten
always gettin on my case and they sayin i never call em
i'm fixin every lyric as i pick em apart
scrappin half and can't decide how it should finish and start...(ARRGH)
it's got me spendin all day in my room
playin the tune, rackin my brain about which cadence to use...
settin imminent trends to test the rythm within
this year average is out, perfectionism is in

Jetlag tryna keep up with my dreams
i aint scared of life or death im scared of whats in between
wont settle for mediocrity, get lost in the tide
i'd rather, swallow my ego line my coffin with pride
mama says i need to get my priorities straight
but doing somthing i dont love thats a horrible fate
thats what i tell her that i tell myself maybe im just an addict
too many costs to mention this shits an expensive habit
bettin agaisnt the odds tryna measure my worth
rootin for the underdog until im left in the dirt
endlessly devoted tryna strike an impression
i give it everything i got cuz thats the price of perfection



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Remshot
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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