Keep Walkin

from by Tantrum

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(Guitar by Brod Rob, Keys by Matt Parker)


Don't bother sayin wussup dogg, save it and go
who is you? just a stranger in the way on the road
i'm too grown for ur games, u can play on ur own
now go back to being every other flaker i've known
just a breed of saps that be actin nicer
sayin they got your back, u the cat to fight for
the same folks turnin to a pack of liars
won't even recognize u next time they passin by ya
so please keep ur greeting, i don't need the sappy treatment
as if i'm supposed to really start believin that u mean it
how is our bond equal to what each our family tree is
when u was the first to leave me when u seen me at my weakest
naw u ain't think there'd be a ripple effect?
after seein u turn ur back without an inch of regret
i dunno if that's something you'd be quick to accept
but where i'm from that ain't what u just forgive and forget

Get ghost...don't embrace me when you stand by my side
just keep walkin when you passin me by
now get ghost...jes roll...
i don't even wanna hear it
so out the blue we supposed to be close or somethin?
i aint bout to give u dap i don't owe u nothin
now get ghost...jes roll...
so peace out, we thru

I admit i don't have the most approachable vibe
sometimes u'll catch me in my own zone in my mind
but it's not cuz i'm on my own throne or pedastal
i'm just not as close to a lotta folks in general
and i ain't one to open up to anyone i run into
i've had friends who wouldn't save you in a tough pickle
so, sorry if i ain't eager to share a hug wit u
it's nothin personal, just part of my trust issues
just a really fickle version of a misfit
plus i'm not a sentimental person to begin with
in other words if i aint seein u as famlay
then i rather treat people equal with a handshake
i've dealt with too many who claim to be honest but always break every promise
thats why i'm made to be cautious
so if i seem cold don't take it to heart
i'm just doin me and playin it smart, and to the rest


It goes confidante, comrade, homie, pal, goonie
face it, all them words get thrown around loosely
like your empty hugs and your phony expressions
they don't even feel like a real show of affection
cuz to u i'm just a rapper here to entertain cats
respect and kindness i used to give away fast
figured as a homie i'd initiate that
but i guess it was too much to reciprocate back
it's not worth the stress at the expense of my pride
so forget we had connections cuz i'm severing ties
what, now u wanna treat me like a pal when u greet me with a smile
just becuz u haven't seen me in a while?
wanna be consoled? well homie i don't know ya
u gonn have ur head leaning on a cold shoulder
don't be shocked when u see me flippin u the bird
thats just a nice way for me to kick u to the curb



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Remshot
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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