Help Yourself

from by Tantrum

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So you the self proclaimed life of the party
much respect on downing entire pints of bacardi
yea much props on havin a loud mouth issue
gettin wasted til u fall and bring the house down wit u
when u get mad and angry, it's on
u tell em let's scrap, and end up wit ur head cracked while laughin it off
while ignoring every red flag you pass til u gone
hittin meth labs, keg stands, and gravity bongs
feelin sick, lethargic and high, missing parts of your mind
can't even remember where your whip was parked in the night...
and the fact is that it hits you harder inside
disregarding your life, slippin far til you die
fore you know it, your mind is waitin to fail
u went from life is a party to life is crazy as hell
folks refraining to help, your habit's draining your health
and u ain't got nobody else to blame but yourself, cmon

(So can you help me) They say hell naw...
(No, you got to help yourself) u gotta help yourself...
(So can you help me) They say hell naw...
(No, you got to help yourself) u gotta help yourself
u want direction for your mindstate but
u never switched into the right lane once (switched into the right lane once)
even a slight change can be light weight tough
quit bitchin and step ya life game up (bitchin and step ya life game up)

So you the life of the party for getting faded and brolic
lets all pretend that somehow that makes you accomplished
now how about u stop being stupid for a second
u swearin it makes you happy when you stoopin to depression
that's when you realize that this game is not a game
and all the bad things in your brain is all explained
prayin to God in pain, u claim your not insane
tryna come to all your senses while sayin you wanna change
ok, u got our blessin, we reckon we'd see some action
a couple times ur caught consecutively relapsin
u keep protestin like we should get to believe the yappin
so u can't blame us for not expectin to see it happen...
so keep your stockpiled drawn out corny
little cop-out stories that you done thought out for me
keep promises short-changed, offering more games
it's your life, your problem, your body and your grave, cmon


I ain't pissed at the addictions you have
if ur happy with gettin your fix then i never had an issue with that
it's bout you talkin out your ass and acting absurd
claimin that u wanna change, and goin back on your word
i'd believe your ambition if you weren't speakin your gibberish
but the fact is your too full of it to keep a commitment
we all got our own vices, accomplishing bad deeds
bad habits that'd put a lot on our rap sheet
i'm nowhere near perfect, i'll be honest cuz that's me
but i ain't never tried to make a promise i can't keep
u wanna see a difference? prove it and do it
lose the delusions and stop it with the stupid excuses
u want help? say the word, i'm good to appear
that's why i choose to be the asshole to push you in gear
that's why i gotta stick my foot in ur rear
so u don't have to say the words "your pathetic" when you look in the mirror, cmon



from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Remshot
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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