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It's not enough to have a gift if it's cooped in a cell
u gotta use it or lose it where opportunity dwells
see i learned it early on from those that choose to prevail
if u want something done, then you gotta do it yourself
back in school it was jes me and a group of some head chiefs
if u never knew my crew, well we used to be ten deep
through the years, members left in pursuit of their next dreams
it was time to prove i was meant to make moves in the best league
so there i was, left alone to stand on my own
but after weathering the storm you adapt to the cold
my skin is thick as it has to be, kid is stricken with apathy
hittin the battle scene, spittin with a different mentality
i - chose to evolve cuz i can't stay powerless
ditched my old style and got a new fanbase out of it
can't depend on anyone but the strength of my voice
so i took it upon myself just to get to this point
my best work in the past, i've far surpassed it, it's true
but even then i answer with gratitude back to my roots
that goes for all the OG members of the Asterisk crew
including the lesser active extended family too
see to stick with the passionate grind is just half of the fight
and i know that circumstances divided our path and that's life
so if i refused to look back, i ain't feel nasty inside
i just needed to move on and get a new chapter to write
had to establish new foundations so i started from scratch
with my own ideas, puttin more of my heart in my craft
cuz i myself ended up at my own fork in the road
chose the path of a trail blazer, now i'm scorchin the globe
we had a good run, now it's time to roll on my passage
i promise i'll make ya proud, u gonn know i'm the baddest
got Remshot behind me, we bout to take over the atlas
whoever's opposin, i'll smoke em, their bones'll get blown into smoulderin ashes, goodBYE


from Backlash, released July 30, 2011
Produced by Remshot & Johnny Diamond
Mixed and mastered by Remshot



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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