by Tantrum

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released July 30, 2011

Track 1, 12 Produced by Remshot & Brod Rob
Track 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9 Produced by Remshot
Track 4, 6, 10, 14 (Lost Cause) Produced by Chase Moore
Track 11 Produced by Remshot & Johnny Diamond
Track 13 Produced by D-rec

Recorded by Remshot at 17 Hertz Studios
Mixed and mastered by Remshot

Tantrum Logo Designed by FEEL Harmonics

CD & Cover Art by Jerisa Macalino



all rights reserved


Tantrum Union City, California


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Track Name: Lights Out
Yea it's tantrum on the mic, spittin heat and destruction
this aint a debut stupid, it's a reintroduction
the fact is i have to remind you cats when a bash ya
wit a flying dragon kick after the rising asterisk chapter
fools mistake whats in my brain for the great power of God
enough hatred to be takin my rage out on ya block
i been makin firestorms rain down on the spot
lotta folks don't even know this the eighth album i dropped (real talk)
only now i got no posse to depend upon
walkin up an echelon, confident my head is strong
only Rem is in my corner, gettin to complete the vibe
messin with the beats, flippin records in his weekly grind
fixin trebles, tweakin mixing levels til they equalize
tossin me another instrumental when it's feedin time...
what u aint known? i've kept the battle scene poppin
if u say u never heard of me, well thats the sleep talkin

U ain't seen the moves i'm makin you been hallucinatin
well here's a rude awakening right now...
u act like i aint doin the work
like i aint been stepped inside the ring while provin my worth in a rhyme bout...
seems that every cat's a critic with all this flack you givin
i guess i have to get ya to pipe down...
don't make me repeat the free speech from my mouth
keep sleepin, try and doubt, sweet dreams it's lights out

And if u really managed to forget about my rep
start referring to my resume and check it out in depth
there's grind time, scribble jam, tourettes without regrets
and that's just to name a few, i'ma let you count the rest
if they don't sound familiar, go google or youtube it
stop choosin to be truly confused and just too stupid
to learn, u indifferent to history in the makin
oblivious to the game when each victory is a statement
it's like your mind is blocking out lyricism and cadence
with nothing else but a listener's ignorance to replace it...
u keep your ear to the streets?
u wouldn't even be hearin the beat if it was at the rear of your seat
you better try and get awake and quit the snoozin on the goods
cuz i'm the kid that's makin hits to move you like they should
it's like your little brain is just refusin what it could
so it's time to give your face a quick reunion with my foot, like


Yea it's tantrum on the mic, here to massacre your life
i'm a savage when i strike, try to battle me goodnight
fools have slept upon my efforts when i'm comin the cleanest
so i guess u don't remember who the cousin of sleep is
cuz ur still neglectin to give respect to a vet
so i'm takin my due credit like i'm collectin your rent
but i'm the type of landlord who'd leave you bodied for crossin me
and homie i own the stage now get offa my property
keep tryna get a pass, take me lightly as a fad
keep turning your back, thinkin that it won't bite you in the ass
go lessen your attention, forgettin i got bars
then i'll wreck ur little sessions while catchin u off guard
cuz when ur closin your eyes your blind to the premonitions
last time i told u to rise and shine and u didn't listen
so when you finally wake up from the clash of my thunder
i'll be the first thing you see to put you back in your slumber, it's lights out

Track Name: Take A Lap
Guess who? it's the monster unlocked for conquering your land
back to watch all my competition get properly disbanned
and no i am not returning by popular demand
i just smashed my writers block to bits and stomped it into sand
'less u choose to be heartless u'll be losin regardless
becuz i aim for success and i'm known for shootin my targets
if you a fool or a novice, then ur doomed as a hostage
yea the truth hurts, but that's becuz i'm brutally honest, check it...
target me, u'll be easiest prey
u steppin to a starving beast breakin free from his cage
see i'm known to harness heat, leave your team in a blaze
and homie when u sparkin beef u just feeding the flames
u gassed up and i don't think tryin to light the match is clever
i'll burn your life to ashes with my hyperactive temper
ignite u fast even if u ironclad ur sweater
when i rap circles around u breathing fire at the center

(I'M AN EMCEE) who's been made a dent in the game
(IT'S GETTIN DEADLY) i drop bombs to level the plain
(SO DON'T FORGET ME) when i'm at the end of my reign
u best believe that i'll be takin with me everythang
(CUZ I'M AN EMCEE) who's been made a dent in the game
(IT'S GETTIN DEADLY) i drop bombs to level the plain
(SO DON'T FORGET ME) if u don't remember my name
well then u better jog thru memory lane
now take a lap

If u can't stand the heat you gettin blown away and burned
every throne i claim, i hold my weight, the chosen fate is earned
i made a pact with my soul to overtake the earth
and i'm passed the point of trying to negotiate the terms
so if u plan to quit i suggest that u start now
cuz there aint no courage pumped in ur vessels or heart valve
better get at the searge who left you in charge pal
or u gettin shredded in shards for lettin ur guard down...
u think you actually standin a chance, prove it
i can read through your tactical stance from your last movements
tryna start your plan of attack with your platoon when
it's practice you lack, that's an impractical act stupid
yes it IS personal, i'm hurtin your pride
aint no turning from this curse i'm not the merciful type
now your failures have been keeping you from earning your stripes
u call it unfair, i just call it circle of life


So keep talkin the talk and i'll have u chopped at the noggin
now how bout droppin all ur thoughts when it's off with ur head
think being awfully cocky puts u on top of the spot
until u get bodied u'll be lost and forgotten instead
try hidin behind every guy that u find
enjoy the time of ur life, cuz if u cross me ur already dead
ur likely to die, thinkin it's eye for an eye
reach for my slice of the pie, it'll cost you an arm and a leg
i know u stoked that i'm a sav on the mic
yea i know it's flattering right but stop actin surprised
u lookin like u ain't never seen me massacre lives
star struck like you never seen an asterisk rise
cmon dogg, u must've forgotten who u was talkin to
caught in a brutal hot pursuit, stompin ur crew to molecules
lock the room, it's hot when i'm rockin the booth like monsters do
walkin right thru my obstacles, stoppin this dudes impossible

Track Name: Life That I Chose Feat. Pariah
Late to work again my manager stressin
got my lady gettin mad from the lack of attention
passion obssesion whats the difference i cant awnser the question
capture the essence of an mc when i rap in the session
if i dont the end result will be manik depression
panik attack i need to write just to balance the tension
protect my investment the sacrifices made are necessary
Music comes first everything else is secondary
Late night no sleep gotta finish the verse
Time is money gotta prove what my my existence is worth
Ignoring reality I'm in the studio gone
If you don't have the same problems then you doin it wrong

Survival of the fittest so there's only room for the strong
won't accept any musical flaws that ruin the song
tryna make the perfect hit that makes u move and respond
so when it drops, your city feel it like a nuclear bomb...(BOOM)
silent button's what i'm hitting on the phone
so i don't gotta hear it ringin when i'm getting in the zone
i got a buncha concepts i'm jotting in a jiffy
i'm not in the mood to talk so don't bother me i'm busy
figuring out a tactic and it has to be tite
til every pattern that i'm rappin on the track is precise
til i package the anger and spite and i channel it right
this ain't a work day, it's how i spend my saturday nights

Cuz makin moves is my mission, and i'm used to the feelin
i'm abusin the booth just to soothe the addiction
(and improve my conditions, irrefutably driven
in a world controlled by lies i stay true to the rhythm)
don't have time on my side (either i strike or i fold)
i pay the price for this grind (that's the life that i chose)
(i won't stop or lose), see i cannot refuse
that it's just something that i gotsta do

These distractions'll drive you insane, i won't deny it, it's brain draining
no i dont wanna go out, i need silence and maintaining
not tryin to hate, i'm just finding my safe haven
i'm grindin okay, i got no time for a vacation...
friends are blamin how crazy my schedule's gotten
always gettin on my case and they sayin i never call em
i'm fixin every lyric as i pick em apart
scrappin half and can't decide how it should finish and start...(ARRGH)
it's got me spendin all day in my room
playin the tune, rackin my brain about which cadence to use...
settin imminent trends to test the rythm within
this year average is out, perfectionism is in

Jetlag tryna keep up with my dreams
i aint scared of life or death im scared of whats in between
wont settle for mediocrity, get lost in the tide
i'd rather, swallow my ego line my coffin with pride
mama says i need to get my priorities straight
but doing somthing i dont love thats a horrible fate
thats what i tell her that i tell myself maybe im just an addict
too many costs to mention this shits an expensive habit
bettin agaisnt the odds tryna measure my worth
rootin for the underdog until im left in the dirt
endlessly devoted tryna strike an impression
i give it everything i got cuz thats the price of perfection

Track Name: Ruckus Feat. Okwerdz
I bet u didn't think that i'd make it and try to stay
since u made up ur mind and never gave me the time of day
u expected me to up and start foldin becuz i'm losin
but slowly i was improvin, they told me i couldn't do it
i let em spend enough time, pushin my buttons
but see, now the gloves are off and i ain't pullin no punches
i often fought to prevail, see i was taught to excel
go kamikaze as hell, it's not an option to fail
so keep ur pathetic effort to stop me in my grind
tryna tell me that my peak is too impossible to climb
now watch how i be hoppin thru these obstacles of mine
have u chokin on ur words til ur oxygen deprived
been tearin thru the earth, thru the cold and the rain
it's prepared me for the worst, i been notably trained
keep disparaging my worth, i'ma show you the pain
and u'll get buried in the dirt that you throw on my name, it goes

BLAOW...i'ma just get up and get DOWN...
if you don't come for blood then quit NOW...
better keep ya guard up, don't act proud with me mister
one round i'ma hit ya, like
BLAOW...i'ma just get up and get DOWN...
if you don't come for blood then quit NOW...
we'll never fold til we plummet
cuz no matter what we gonn bring the ruckus...huh, it goes

BLAOW...I've ascended from the depths
of the bottom through the problems now i'm mentioned with the best
but i still hear the hate that they said under they breath
cuz they jealous i'm a legend and they threatened by success
if your music's incredible and movin ahead of dudes
they'll use any flimsy excuse to discredit you
but all it's doin is boostin my revenue
cuz on the first, rent is due on my testicles
so pay up or i'ma annihilate ya
it's part of survival nature to stay on my grind for paper
cuz if you work hard, no one'll deny your labor
and nothing's quite as great as changin the mind of haters
if you put the same time you spend bein disrespectful
into your schedule, you might be successful
and even though the hatred is undeserved
i appreciate the concern but when are they gonna learn? it goes


So when the young cats ask how a champ survives in the makin
i tell em that every challenge is half the price of the payment
but don't let em snatch your pride or your appetite and your cravings
cuz critics don't realize all the sacrifices ur makin
they always gonna judge u with a merciless verdict
so whatever grind your on, just make sure that it's worth it
cuz u will be overlooked, u will be critically slept on
but the trick's to stay vicious, ambitious, and head strong
it's sink or swim, they'll be dyin to make u drown
they'll blind u with hatred while they tryin to break u down
cuz they just aint the type to be nice and just play around
that's why u gotta be psyched and stay fightin to take the crown
so get brolic and pop out the monster that's locked in the cage
its ur chapter - patnah, start knockin em offa the page
and show em ur not gonna stop, ur on top of your game
flip em off, put a sock in their sockets and call it a day

Track Name: Help Yourself
So you the self proclaimed life of the party
much respect on downing entire pints of bacardi
yea much props on havin a loud mouth issue
gettin wasted til u fall and bring the house down wit u
when u get mad and angry, it's on
u tell em let's scrap, and end up wit ur head cracked while laughin it off
while ignoring every red flag you pass til u gone
hittin meth labs, keg stands, and gravity bongs
feelin sick, lethargic and high, missing parts of your mind
can't even remember where your whip was parked in the night...
and the fact is that it hits you harder inside
disregarding your life, slippin far til you die
fore you know it, your mind is waitin to fail
u went from life is a party to life is crazy as hell
folks refraining to help, your habit's draining your health
and u ain't got nobody else to blame but yourself, cmon

(So can you help me) They say hell naw...
(No, you got to help yourself) u gotta help yourself...
(So can you help me) They say hell naw...
(No, you got to help yourself) u gotta help yourself
u want direction for your mindstate but
u never switched into the right lane once (switched into the right lane once)
even a slight change can be light weight tough
quit bitchin and step ya life game up (bitchin and step ya life game up)

So you the life of the party for getting faded and brolic
lets all pretend that somehow that makes you accomplished
now how about u stop being stupid for a second
u swearin it makes you happy when you stoopin to depression
that's when you realize that this game is not a game
and all the bad things in your brain is all explained
prayin to God in pain, u claim your not insane
tryna come to all your senses while sayin you wanna change
ok, u got our blessin, we reckon we'd see some action
a couple times ur caught consecutively relapsin
u keep protestin like we should get to believe the yappin
so u can't blame us for not expectin to see it happen...
so keep your stockpiled drawn out corny
little cop-out stories that you done thought out for me
keep promises short-changed, offering more games
it's your life, your problem, your body and your grave, cmon


I ain't pissed at the addictions you have
if ur happy with gettin your fix then i never had an issue with that
it's bout you talkin out your ass and acting absurd
claimin that u wanna change, and goin back on your word
i'd believe your ambition if you weren't speakin your gibberish
but the fact is your too full of it to keep a commitment
we all got our own vices, accomplishing bad deeds
bad habits that'd put a lot on our rap sheet
i'm nowhere near perfect, i'll be honest cuz that's me
but i ain't never tried to make a promise i can't keep
u wanna see a difference? prove it and do it
lose the delusions and stop it with the stupid excuses
u want help? say the word, i'm good to appear
that's why i choose to be the asshole to push you in gear
that's why i gotta stick my foot in ur rear
so u don't have to say the words "your pathetic" when you look in the mirror, cmon

Track Name: Unbeatable
Everyone make way for Mr. king of his own dimension
earned his first stripe now he's thinkin his throne is destined
u swearin up and down no other favorite exists
who needs a crown when your head is too deflated to fit?
i hear it all in the cockiness when ur droppin ur bars
but i understand, everybody and their moms is a star...
thing is when people say they untouchable at their gift
usually they got some talent or something to back it with
see, we all start off with a crisp clean image
u spit frees but don't even got a sick scheme with it
i swear, u give these newjacks their fifteen minutes
and they feel like they rule the lane with the quick speed limit
all of a sudden u changin the game with ur raw vibe
but to everybody else u the same as the small fries
just another faker portrayin a god
claimin he's greatest of all time, while makin it all rhyme

Step off, u just wishin every person that u meet
gives u the royal treatment and has u worhsipped at your feet
slow ya role a minute, or be the phony gimmick
who gets roasted quickest for not knowin your limits
so get a grip, u hope we buy ur little phacade
cuz ur too busy being convinced that ur god
but see homie it is not conceivable, every loss repeated u'll
hit the wall then u'll fall cuz nobody's unbeatable

It's Mr. roll the red carpet when he pass thru the buildin
let the champ thru and plus his whole damn crew is with him
they spazz and clap to every mediocre rap dude is spittin
whether its crack or wack fools be trippin
it's their brand new addiction...
whoo! how do u think of this crap? no wonder u got them tramps u be pimpin
braggin bout the stacks of cash u be gettin
who cares if it runs dry dogg, ur swag juice is drippin
whoa! homie please nobody buys it a bit
if u aint even gettin respect outside of ur clik
what, everyone's a hater? that ain't provin that ur too hard
that just means your crew is as delusional as u are
but u write me off as a skeptic becuz it hurts
won't accept it since u such a professional with ur words
sayin u spittin fire in every single verse
keep gassin yourself, u'll be more susceptible to get burned


U a measly prick, reachin my peak aint a feasible trip
ur cheesy, i've seen thru ur speech like i'm readin your lips
defeating your fleet is as easy as this
peace, u will cease to exist, jesus did u see what i did?
i spent the last 4 bars rappin circles around your life
i murked u and now u got no purpose around a mic
and aint nobody payin me to maim and eat your flesh
i'm takin ur throne and i ain't never claimed to be the best
i'm only schoolin u to make u suckas learn ya lesson
for thinkin ur stuff is perfect like it's nothing worth contestin
now turn around to your little trusty herd of yes-men
and tell em ur sorry for stealing their undeserved attention
how bout u ditch the biased opinions to get ur wins...
thinkin like everything that u kick is a hidden gem
see if standing on ur own gets u victory in the end
i know it's lonely but aye, humility is ur friend

Track Name: Wait Til U Crack
I roll with folks that go for the throat til the end
known for roastin ur soul only to be prone to get fed
they got dope flows but u just won't throw em the cred
call it so-so just cuz it goes over your head
like it's our fault ur accustomed to diggin the wackness
tellin me to switch up my swag and do industry hat tricks
but i rather be different than average
what u think is original rap is really a gimmicky tactic, stupid
u pick to continue in ignorant fashion
dig it, my spits is ridiculous, the kid is a savage
homie i seen ur idol that u fathom as perfect...
yea he seems like the type that wouldn't last in my circuit
he's just - spittin the same ole simple and plain stuff
just so u kids can relate, he lyrically ain't much
and u want me to switch to that typical lame junk?
no dummy how bout YOU step YO listening game up, because

This isn't your everyday empty selection, i was bred to never settle for so-so
if ya...feelin ready for that next level method of execution instead lemmie know-know
listen...u need to stop playin dumb for a second
it's a matter of time 'fore ur adjustin ur preference
quit - tryna pass it as a fad, u trippin
wait til u crack - and get trapped - in the mass addiction

My delivery can puncture a lung
mimicking just for the fun's troublesome, bustin this will rupture muscles under your tongue
bars got u utterly stunned
struggling just from stomaching much of how it's structured and done
so this is how should think, now this is a vicious scheme
this is how you distinguish the wittiest from the weak
claimin u know rap, u oblivious to the scene
never found what the description of lyricism to mean
cuz u keep missin all the significance in our speech
since ur only interested in listenin to the beat
tryna paint ur own picture, ur vision is incomplete
can't even see the difference between victory and defeat
it's time that we discarded your miseducation
learn quick or be hit harder with rich devastation
it'll be a big part of your quick revelation
sit back and we'll get started with this demonstration, less go


You think this is fiction? u'll be gettin a great lesson
my syllable game's killing it, listen and pay attention
you a rat tryna step in the ring with a snake
this is your biggest mistake, u gonn be missin your face bredren
feelin the venom and rage injectin up into your veins, destined
for unlimited physical pain, check it
u looked in my eyes now u've just been enslaved, next
u'll be stuck inside a dimension of mentally strained senses
feel the wrath of eternity rippin your frame segments
thru infinite days compressed to fit into 8 seconds
tryna break thru the riddling maze, stressin, but silly u aint gettin
thru these bars with those prison escape methods...
now you stranded, you can't evade every line
u've just been trapped in a cage of my scatterbrainy design
even if u happen to break out after takin the time
it's too late, i've already captivated your mind, like

Track Name: Keep Walkin
Don't bother sayin wussup dogg, save it and go
who is you? just a stranger in the way on the road
i'm too grown for ur games, u can play on ur own
now go back to being every other flaker i've known
just a breed of saps that be actin nicer
sayin they got your back, u the cat to fight for
the same folks turnin to a pack of liars
won't even recognize u next time they passin by ya
so please keep ur greeting, i don't need the sappy treatment
as if i'm supposed to really start believin that u mean it
how is our bond equal to what each our family tree is
when u was the first to leave me when u seen me at my weakest
naw u ain't think there'd be a ripple effect?
after seein u turn ur back without an inch of regret
i dunno if that's something you'd be quick to accept
but where i'm from that ain't what u just forgive and forget

Get ghost...don't embrace me when you stand by my side
just keep walkin when you passin me by
now get ghost...jes roll...
i don't even wanna hear it
so out the blue we supposed to be close or somethin?
i aint bout to give u dap i don't owe u nothin
now get ghost...jes roll...
so peace out, we thru

I admit i don't have the most approachable vibe
sometimes u'll catch me in my own zone in my mind
but it's not cuz i'm on my own throne or pedastal
i'm just not as close to a lotta folks in general
and i ain't one to open up to anyone i run into
i've had friends who wouldn't save you in a tough pickle
so, sorry if i ain't eager to share a hug wit u
it's nothin personal, just part of my trust issues
just a really fickle version of a misfit
plus i'm not a sentimental person to begin with
in other words if i aint seein u as famlay
then i rather treat people equal with a handshake
i've dealt with too many who claim to be honest but always break every promise
thats why i'm made to be cautious
so if i seem cold don't take it to heart
i'm just doin me and playin it smart, and to the rest


It goes confidante, comrade, homie, pal, goonie
face it, all them words get thrown around loosely
like your empty hugs and your phony expressions
they don't even feel like a real show of affection
cuz to u i'm just a rapper here to entertain cats
respect and kindness i used to give away fast
figured as a homie i'd initiate that
but i guess it was too much to reciprocate back
it's not worth the stress at the expense of my pride
so forget we had connections cuz i'm severing ties
what, now u wanna treat me like a pal when u greet me with a smile
just becuz u haven't seen me in a while?
wanna be consoled? well homie i don't know ya
u gonn have ur head leaning on a cold shoulder
don't be shocked when u see me flippin u the bird
thats just a nice way for me to kick u to the curb

Track Name: Most Admired
So u copped massive followers, got flash photographers
life is on blast and broadcast to auditors
but u aint always have the top cat moniker
u recall back when u were not that popular
before they knew that u were half as gifted
but u put in work, now you Mr. rags to riches
copped some colorful sneakers, and ur caps is fitted
all of a sudden fans are diggin the rappin image
u figure since u buzzin they must be lovin the goods
brizzles comin up to u, huggin as much as they could
now u braggin bout ur crush, thinkin honey is hooked
in that case you probably are as dumb as you look
cmon son, the status u have is a big factor
ain't matterin if you a wack or a sick rapper
how bout u cash in ur chips, pack up and quit
drop the glamour and glitz, and see the reaction u get after

Fresh to death, you the most admired...
yea she be starin when you coastin by her
wait, ur notoriety is overdried up
ur plans hit the fan now she's ghost, goodbye
u been plaaayed now u look stupid as a rock
big naaame? where is the proof you been forgotten
things chaaange when everyone's shootin for ya spot
and ur no longer known as the new kid on the block

You do what it takes to get yo crown, even the vets know now
it's less than clever to test yo style
but u shouldn't let it get to your head tho pal
cuz ur only the best known til ur rep goes down
that's when u see ur own buzz peak at its limit
and every beezie that was feelin u is treatin u different
they just turn their backs, leavin with a piece of you with em
but the reason ain't deceivin, u were seen as a gimmick
what u think u would always be at the top of the totem
just cuz u won the popular vote for what's hot at the moment
naw, groupies only dig u for the image that u built
if u really don't get it u an idiot forreal
u swear that they offer you their hearts in a bag
as if they wasn't just drawn to u by ur marketing craft
if they really liked u for who u are then it's fact
they woulda been jockin way before you started to rap, and thats that


So don't take me for a newbie to the foolish intent
one thing i've learned is not to get duped or misled
there's a difference between gettin love from groupies u mess with
and earning real stripes and being truly respected
u musta heard about me thru piles of testimonies
now i'm supposed to think u some kinda special homie?
before i rhymed i was just grindin extra low key
and back then you wasn't tryna get to know me
i been through my slumps, u never picked me up from it
u just disappeared when you saw my little buzz plummet
it's cool i ain't sufferin cuz trust me i don't love ya
so don't think u playin me like just another sucka
this is my cynical way, it isn't hate energy
i don't mean to seem like i dissed u to make enemies
i just dont trust u, simple and plain, let it be
ur no use, u bout as real as a fake friend to me

Track Name: Picture Perfect
Dear bandwagon haters, getting pressure from your peers
to form your opinions by believing everything you hear
mourning the king of pop, screamin "Mike's a legend"
u the same fools who accused him of child molestin
homie please, u grievin cuz u copy what u see
but it's just the other day when u were calling him a freak
til u saw him in a coffin now u sobbin from ur cheeks?
there's no need for being sorry when u followin the sheep
can't make ur own mind up, too impressionable
but even if, would you stand by your sentiments? no
your too busy judgin the character of everyone's soul
that u don't even recognize the lack of strength in your own...
we all entitled to any opinion that we got
so only a punk would switch it just to fit in with the flock
u diss things just to be pop culture defined
try setting your own trend, it's called growing a spine

WHAT NOW, your views, we don't find em clever
WHAT NOW, you fail at what you strive to measure
WHAT NOW, nobody even likes you better
see the truth is catchin up, you can't hide forever
face facts, what you lack is the gift of purpose
i'm deeming your existence worthless...
take a look at the mirror when we flip the curtains
ur reflection isn't picture perfect...WHAT

Dear so-called fans, tryna persecute your idols
wait your not fans, ur not even deserving of the title
u self proclaim urself an enthusiast to the art
gettin served entertainment and it's usually free of charge
and you respond by heckling with pestering hate
not even a "yo much props", "respect" or a "thanks"
just the occasional "your awful, you suck kid"
"now stop it you must quit", and have the nerve to call it constructive
how bout u choose a life path other than the safest route
basing ur purpose on finding something to complain about
it's not that i'm not humble so stop grumblin
i know who my real supporters are and your not one of em
think we don't respect u? that's absolutely the truth
that's until u learn to start showin gratitude when it's due
then you can call yourself some actual loyal fans of ours
'stead of the ungrateful pack of the spoiled brats you are


To whom it may concern, anons, usernames, and hard knocks
those we can't tell if your a human or a smart bot...
no one would know it if u passed away tonight
without your youtube hate comments to validate your life
cuz on the net is where u feelin brave enough to idolize
log off, it's back to being faceless til the time u die...
it drives you crazy cuz u hate it and you cry inside
u'll never amount to more than the alias you hide behind
keep flaming, your message board's your gimmick
u'll never have a rep outside of every forum you visit
never be part of the scene that we built and we tailored
u'll live ur life thru ur avatar picture in failure
there's more that i can say to embarass you nerds fast
but that's way too much attention to spare and your worth jack
i coulda used this song to bury you dirtbags
but you only get a verse and you barely deserved that

Track Name: Goodbye
It's not enough to have a gift if it's cooped in a cell
u gotta use it or lose it where opportunity dwells
see i learned it early on from those that choose to prevail
if u want something done, then you gotta do it yourself
back in school it was jes me and a group of some head chiefs
if u never knew my crew, well we used to be ten deep
through the years, members left in pursuit of their next dreams
it was time to prove i was meant to make moves in the best league
so there i was, left alone to stand on my own
but after weathering the storm you adapt to the cold
my skin is thick as it has to be, kid is stricken with apathy
hittin the battle scene, spittin with a different mentality
i - chose to evolve cuz i can't stay powerless
ditched my old style and got a new fanbase out of it
can't depend on anyone but the strength of my voice
so i took it upon myself just to get to this point
my best work in the past, i've far surpassed it, it's true
but even then i answer with gratitude back to my roots
that goes for all the OG members of the Asterisk crew
including the lesser active extended family too
see to stick with the passionate grind is just half of the fight
and i know that circumstances divided our path and that's life
so if i refused to look back, i ain't feel nasty inside
i just needed to move on and get a new chapter to write
had to establish new foundations so i started from scratch
with my own ideas, puttin more of my heart in my craft
cuz i myself ended up at my own fork in the road
chose the path of a trail blazer, now i'm scorchin the globe
we had a good run, now it's time to roll on my passage
i promise i'll make ya proud, u gonn know i'm the baddest
got Remshot behind me, we bout to take over the atlas
whoever's opposin, i'll smoke em, their bones'll get blown into smoulderin ashes, goodBYE
Track Name: Time Is Now Feat. Nanaushika
So when the homies are lost, feelin like their train is derailed
i tell em just keep fightin to get thru the phases of hell
although that situation's what i relate to as well
maybe it's - what my sub-concious wants to say to myself
it's one thing to tell em stand up for all that you know is right
it's another thing to actually follow your own advice
to walk on the road of life when it's gotten as cold as ice
and say ur not gonna fold, then just offer to roll the dice...
tryin hard not to back down or crack under pressure
there's no use in complaining if u don't act for the better
had to learn to cut my losses, takin radical measures
and use em as opportunities, turn trash into treasure
cuz u can either get demolished for droppin your guard
or u can conquer the waters when you get tossed to the sharks
see nobody ever said it'd be a walk in the park
sometimes aimin for the stars is like a shot in the dark

Chorus (Nanaushika):
It's not always easy when your head's in the clouds
stay focused keep your ear to the ground
you have everything you need for where you wanna be
when the tables turn, play it loud cuz the time is now

I'm not some legend claimin to be the best on the planet
i'm just a regular, workin hard for every advantage
tryna get to the level of that professional talent
but i've yet to step on the pedastal of celebrity status...
see i don't got a buncha groupies joined in my corner
just some homies that happen to be my loyal supporters
they fathom the kid's a savage
the fact is my biggest fans just happen to be the pack that i actually interact with...
the rest just come and go, hastily departed
they'll never wait to leave soon as you taste defeat and hardship
but i wouldn't want them snakes to make my team to start with
i'm just grateful to the few that keep their faith in me regardless...
throughout the span of when catastrophe strikes
i don't always win but that's just how it pans out in life
behind the rappin persona, see i'm just a man on the mic
who's just like u, with my own personal battles to fight


Now if u've ever lost the fight to the field of doubt ur stuck in
or if u've ever been told u wouldn't amount to nothin
even if u've lost someone close, to the reaper's boundless clutches
feelin like life is tryna take everything out u cousin
if u've had so much to prove u just couldn't stand to be idle
havin to wait to snatch the things to which your hand is entitled
til u've had it with the planet makin u naturally spiteful
wantin to lash out with the havoc that u been trapping inside u
just breathe, there's a lesson and a task to be chosen
things happen for reasons u won't understand at the moment
things that pass through the grasp of what we have our control in
it's up to u to withstand it and adapt to the motions
never let a setback keep u from rising above
u gotta - just keep believin that ur time's gonna come
see the journey matters more than the destination itself
so u can't expect to make it if u ever stray from ur trail


The time is now (time is now)
get your head out the clouds cuz (time is now)
it's not always easy when your head's in the clouds (stay focused)
stay focused keep your ear to the ground (you have everything)
you have everything you need (yes you do)
for where you wanna be (for where you wanna be)
when the tables turn (when the tables turn)
play it loud (play it loud)
cuz the time is now (cuz the time is now)
Track Name: Not So Different
If ur destined to make it, ur expected to pay a lotta dues
success has became my obsession of late, i gotta move
a second i'll take to connect with the face i'm talkin to
the rest of the day i'll be kept in a state of solitude...
steady writin like it's business at work
i just wanna be left alone until i finish the verse
while fightin with writers block so much it gets on my nerves
being a nit picker since birth is a gift and a curse...
it's gettin hard to just remain humble as a person
when your road to success got all these bumps up on the surface...
every lane is under reconstruction when your mergin
i find myself stumbling and wonderin if it's worth it
but one of the reasons i won't quit til it's over
there's too much to prove to the cynics who're quick to oppose ya
it's more than dirt they kick on your soul and
when ur bitter and cold, u can't just simply brush a chip off your shoulder

But they tell me, life is full of oppositions
every challenge that u face is really not so different
u cannot touch the top til u cross your limits
can't just talk all the talk, gotta walk and live it
the mission's set, and my mind is in a different frame
i been obssessed...close to being driven insane
i guess destiny is speakin so i'm heeding to its call...
keepin the belief that there's a reason for it all
cuz i have tah...that's how it is...

I've met too many folks that take your kindness for a weakness
expectin you to respond with silence to the treatment
that's why i've kept my level of trust debated
and the only exception is if we blood related
i'm so caught up with - cutting ties i'm failing to manage
some of my true connections that i end up takin for granted
yea i know i haven't been there as a homie for sure
and i'm not the same person from when u've known me before
when we kick it they say it's different, i'm distant in fact
my reclusive behavior's gettin me feelin dettached
it's like every old acquaintance that i've linked in the past
is just another friendship that happens to slip in the cracks
i'm on my own journey of being second to none
it split our life's paths, now we on a separate run
so i hope that you forgive me in the end when it's done
for turning into the person i said i'd never become


I ain't here to prove i'm godly at best, i just been wantin to vent
a lotta thoughts to get up offa my chest
with listeners wantin to hear what i got to express
figured an album was the way for me to conquer the quest
i started this whole process outta bottlin stress
a battle gone wrong and now these fools cannot be content
all they wanna do is focus on the losses u get
as if that's all you accomplished and they've forgotten the rest
it's like after all the work u put into your craft of passion
the only credit you're given's affixed to an average standin
critics have lost their wits and they thinkin this man's a has-been
i'll be damned if i quit and just give em the satisfaction...(naw)
the revolution is on
by now i've already set the moves in pursuit and the conclusion is drawn
if u do believe in me, u prolly knew all along
but if u don't, well it's up to time to prove that you're wrong


...and i don't really got a choice about it
Track Name: Lost Cause
What u want a piece? come and get it u better ATTACK NOW
be ready to SNAP PAL, i'm never gonn BACK DOWN (DOWN)
is that all that u got?
u the face of disgrace, get demolished and tossed
if u really want a piece? come and get it u better ATTACK NOW
be ready to SNAP PAL, i'm never gonn BACK DOWN (DOWN)
ur all talk so quit it
ur a lost (lost) cause (cause) now stop, ur finished

Yo i lack interest in sayin bye to our past differences
silence your trap this ain't the time u can act innocent...
forget findin a title to snatch, gimmie the
whiniest rap critics, i'll line em up and finish em...
u think for me to have the nerve i must be ludicrous
certainly that's due to you not learning from your stupidness
til now u never satisfied the request
so wake the hell up, this is the last reminder u get
now stop doubtin and tryin to talk down on my triumphs
that's the best way to get caught up and knocked out to retirement
not wise, provokin the top dog is just like
puttin rottweilers inside of a hostile environment
just for standing in my path, ur tagged as a victim
u don't like it? shut ur mouth, i never asked ur opinion
i'm only concerned to murk it and verbally serve a murder spree
cuz it ain't worth a turn if the verse isn't worded perfectly, so


U say u laughin becuz u happy, i'm rappin becuz i'm angry
u NEVER been in my shoes so don't act like u understand me
just for doubting me, i'll have u paying the price
but u'd be gettin off easy if u gave me ur life
cuz whether hater or fake fan or something between
it doesn't matter, all ur lives are worth nothin to me
if you're wonderin what's the point of this, u never been smart
it's only proof that ur negligence had u kept in the dark
this is for being ungrateful for my every task
this is for all that i invested, yea your welcome for that
this is for side switchin cuz your weak and pitiful at best
this is for never even believing in me from the get
feelin foolish, well u'd be obvlious not to
ur dignity's lost, this is what your ignorance cost you
ur all gonna fall for your sponsor of mockery
now i got u on the choppin block, u not gonn be stoppin me, so


Yo this ain't about malice i'm havin that gets my teeth grindin
this is me lashin out at u becuz i feel like it
and don't think it won't extend to ur crew
whoever's dumb enough to side wit u is gettin it too
what, u think i care about being the boss around workers?
i'll come down to ur level just to stomp u down further
it's my year, the world's what i'm targeting next
and u'd be stayin out the way if u were smart in the head
if i'm cuttin corners, it's cuz i'm severing u in half
plus everything in my path, u better just do the math
to anyone who won't accept me gettin my props
i'll crush ur point of view and shatter that perspective u got
every opposition u see and philosophy you believe in
u don't even deserve that oxygen that you breathin
competition is feedin the monster within a demon
who's choppin u into pieces, i'm not gonna be defeated, now what